Transforming Molecular Diagnostics

Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases

Rapid and comprehensive detection of pathogens is an important strategy in reducing the spread of infectious disease. Our EasyScreen™ Detection Kits identify a larger number of pathogen targets in a shorter time frame than conventional methods.

Efficient Workflow

Traditional techniques for identifying viral, bacterial and protozoan pathogens require a high degree of knowledge and can take days to get a result. Our EasyScreen™ Detection Kits replace these methodologies with a single efficient workflow that requires less training, staff and hands-on-time, and gives a result in under 5 hours.


The Genetic Signatures GS1 platform is a high-throughput bench top platform that performs both nucleic acid extraction and automated 384-well PCR set-up for the entire EasyScreen™ range. Our EasyScreen™ Detection Kits are also compatible with most existing automated nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR instruments.

Standardised Sample Processing

Our EasyScreen™ Sample Processing Kits offer streamlined preparation of nucleic acids direct from the primary specimen. Our sample processing method is common for all specimen types leading to workflow efficiencies and standardised results between laboratories.

3base™ Multiplex Technology

Our 3base™ technology forms the basis of the EasyScreen™ Detection Kits. 3base™ allows for simpler design of molecular assays facilitating the simultaneous detection of multiple targets. 3base™ is compatible with both RNA and DNA targets.

Product Pipeline

Genetic Signatures has a number of new detection kits in development. All new products follow a defined development and commercialisation process comprised of (i) Experimental Analytical Validation, and (ii) Clinical and Regulatory Validation prior to release.

The 25th International Molecular Medicine TRI-Conference (MMTC) in San Francisco, CA, Feb 12-14 Booth 221

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For a second year, Genetic Signatures Ltd are proudly exhibiting at the 25th International Molecular Medicine TRI-Conference (MMTC) in San Francisco, CA on 12th-14thFebruary 2018. Our US operations team will be…

Genetic Signatures New Sydney Office Notice

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  Genetic Signatures are pleased to inform our customers and distributors that we have recently relocated our Sydney Office. Our relocation enables advancement of our growth expectations for the future…

2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GSS: ASX)

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Genetic Signatures Limited (ASX: GSS) held its 2017 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 28 November 2017 at 11.00am (AEST). View the AGM 2017 presentation